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We believe that there is no better way to meet that culture than through speaking the native language of a country. Are you a tourist, expat, or just a language enthusiast who wants to dive into the unique language of Mongolia? GerTrainer is the ultimate app designed specifically for Mongolian culture and for you to memorize Mongolian words effortlessly.
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1000+ Vocabularies

GerTrainer provides you with all the words you will actually need during your time in Mongolia

Native Audio recordings

Learn how to actually pronounce your learned words like a real Mongolian

High Privacy and Security

GerTrainer provides you with the highest and latest privacy and security standards to protect you and your data.

Fast and convenient

Learn Monogolion no matter where you are with a fast and modern experience

Don´t take our words, take theirs


"Great way to learn a new language! Easy and intuitive to use. The different learning modes are also useful to help me remember the lessons better.!"


"Nice looking, easy to use app with a good selection of topics and training modes to get started with learning Mongolian"

"Best Mongolian learning app for beginners!"